Vocation Tree materials

The Vocation Tree artwork depicts the myriad of unique ways of life which, in accord with the plan of the Lord Jesus, make up the life of the Church. Rooted and grounded in the baptismal call to holiness, the Christian discerns a particular state of life vocation with its inherent mission: the lay – activity in the world; the clergy — ministry; consecrated men and women — special conformity to Christ, chaste, poor and obedient. Displayed by the array of branches on the tree, the Holy Spirit “establishes the Church as an organic communion in the diversity of vocations, charisms and ministries.”(Vita Consecrata 31)
“These state of life vocations are at the service of one another, for the growth of the Body of Christ in history and for its mission in the world.” (VC  31)  The fruits of the Spirit are evident in the myriad of occupations and activities (i.e.,  personal avocations) pursued by the baptized and depicted by the fruit and leaves of the tree.
Each individual Christian is uniquely called by God, beginning at Baptism, to go into the world and to bear much fruit.  The Vocation Tree helps to illustrate that this unique, individual vocation given to each Christian embodies many components.  
Vocation Tree materials are designed for instruction of the Catholic faithful.  See ordering information for products designed for package use.

The Vocation Tree SMALL playvideo